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Drug Allergy

“ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO ANY DRUGS?” What are your drug allergies?

These are questions that every health care practitioner should ask their patient when prescribing a drug, filling a prescription, or dispensing a prescription to a patient.

Every medical order sheet, medication administration record, and pharmacy profile should be “flagged” with the allergy information.

Failure to do so may be deadly!

Compliance may save a patient’s life!

Some questions answered in this video. What is a drug allergy? What is NOT a drug allergy? What can be done to prevent allergic reactions?

Pharmaconsultant Inc. experts consults and testify in matters involving drug injury, medication errors, alcohol and drug toxicology and drug injuries throughout the United States, for defense and plaintiff’s counsel, in Civil, Criminal, Employment, Family, Worker’s Compensation, and Business law matters.

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